At RMB Markets our offering extends beyond the ordinary scope of banking in Namibia and the Broader Africa, with products being customised for different scenarios.

Markets specialists provide a range of financial risk management and hedging solutions to protect you against a full suite of interest rate, currency, liquidity, commodity,  and credit risks.

We apply our market expertise and transaction-based experience across the continent, creating bespoke investment solutions and risk mitigation mechanisms that enhance risk-adjusted portfolio returns. Our innovative thinking enables us to partner with you to create long-term, reliable and sustainable execution, asset servicing, prime broking and clearing solutions.

Our skilled and focused trading team provides access to, and intelligence on, spot and derivative prices across multiple asset classes.

The Sales and Structuring team offers corporate and institutional clients derivative and capital markets-based financial solutions to assist them in either hedging or assuming a tailored risk based on their desired risk reward profile. This team also measures, manages, understands and accounts for any element of our clients’ interest rate, forex, credit, commodity, or inflation risk exposures.

Our offshore sales and distribution team and regional presence presence in Namibia and other parts of Africa provide our investor client base with access to fixed income assets in various markets. Our product spectrum covers debt capital markets and secondary markets dealing.

Our highly-rated analysts and economists provide research, analysis and forecasts of macroeconomic developments in Namibia and certain sub-Saharan Africa countries. Our research offering spans the fixed income, currency and credit markets to offer strategic insight to our clients across multiple sectors.

Whether you are an institutional investor wanting to maximise yield on investments by participating in a diverse range of instruments tailored to your requirements, or a large corporate seeking to manage the financial markets risk inherent in your business activities, we will ensure that you receive an unparalleled solution.

RMB is a leading African Corporate and Investment Bank.